Why You’re Time Poor & How to Fix It

Half the Australian workforce would prefer to work less, even if it meant they would be paid less. It’s one of the findings from new research by The Australia Institute, who stages the second Go Home On Time Day on November 24th.

The time pressure is impacting us in lots of ways — like causing us to spend less time with the family and to neglect our our health. In fact, one in four in the survey said they were too busy to see a doctor and more than half of those working overtime said they were too busy to do physical exercise.

It’s also costing business. Clare Shann from beyondblue says a full-time employee with untreated depression — often created by work-related anxiety — costs an organisation $9,655 per year.

So how do we fix the problem? On today’s BTalk Josh Fear, deputy director of The Australia Institute, talks about personal responsibility, changing behaviour in the workplace and the opportunity for government involvement, including a cap on working hours.

In the meantime, make sure you finish work on time on November 24th. You can get your personalised “leave pass” at http://www.gohomeontimeday.org.au/.

First published on CBS News

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