Aussies Snub Technology for In-Person Meetings

New research from Citrix Online shows that Australians are more reluctant than most to engage in online meetings. The “International Language of Business” shows that 88 percent of Australians believe seeing each other is crucial to encouraging participation, compared to just 29 percent of Germans.

HR Shiever, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Citrix Online, says it shows that this country is missing out on the productivity benefits of new communications and collaboration technology. He says it’s costing business in the short term and could also see us miss out on the increasing internationalisation of business brought on by these new technologies.

I talk to HR Shiever in today’s podcast, as well as psychologist Jacqueline Saadwho says part of the issue is that Aussies love a good chat and that’s something they want to hang on to. That’s all very nice, but are we missing out on business opportunities as a result?

First published on CBS News

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