Month: December 2010

Top 40 Business Tips #26: Test and Test and Test Again

Here’s a golden rule to help your business succeed – test everything. Whether its products, advertising or websites. Just make sure you are measuring the right thing.

Top 40 Business Tips #27: Build an Inclusive Culture

A lot of companies struggle under a negative culture of mistrust, bureaucracy and ego. Unfortunately most of these companies kid themselves that they have a culture of energy, innovation and respect!

Top 40 Business Tips #28: Sell Online and Through-the-line

When it comes to eCommerce Australia is a few years behind the US and the UK. It’s unimaginable that some major retailers — such as Harvey Norman — don’t even provide an opportunity to buy online.

Top 40 Business Tips #29: Know Your Customer

Do you really know your customer? Do you segment your potential buyers? Do you accept that their behaviours will change and you will need to adapt?

Top 40 Business Tips #30: Be Green

Making sure your company has green credentials is not only good for the planet, its good for business.

Top 40 Business Tips #31: Don’t Manage Like Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebeneezer Scrooge from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” had lots of issues didn’t he? But he’s not too dissimilar to many command and control style bosses around today.

Top 40 Business Tips #32: Outsource and Crowdsource

Outsourcing makes sense in lots of ways – but now crowd sourcing provides a whole new way to resolve your problems.

NBN is too expensive at $80 retail average

Malcolm Turnbull says the NBN is offering no cut-price nirvana. He’s right — the average wholesale price of $52 could translate to a retail price of around $80 to $85.

Top 40 Business Tips #33: Avoid Short-term Thinking

It’s a disease that has infiltrated politics. Don’t let it ruin your business.

Top 40 Business Tips #34: Over-service

72 percent of consumers end a relationship due to poor customer service. So, it should be the primary focus of your business to exceed expectations.

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