The Fine Art of Losing Clients

Some people are experts at losing clients — it comes as second nature. Others seem to hang on to clients and, in extreme cases, they are immensely satisfied and loyal to you as a supplier.

Greg Alder says one key thing to remember is that if your aim is to lose as many clients as possible one key thing to remember is that they don’t expect to see you. If you’re the boss just seeing your name in lights is enough to remind them of your magnificence. Don’t spoil that by paying them attention and listening to their needs.

Greg is working on a new book listing sure-fire ways to lose clients. It sounds like it’ll be compelling reading for anyone who inadvertantly hangs on to clients. He has been able to pull out all the tricks for upsetting clients, having had a career working for advertising agencies.

Join us for a tongue-in-cheek discussion in this edition of BTalk. If you decide that this approach isn’t for you, and you actually want to hang on to clients, then it’s still worth a listen — just do the opposite of what we suggest.

First published on CBS News

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