Top 40 Business Tips #37: Typecast Your Business


Everyone knows your business should have a unique selling point yet, somewhere along the line, it turns into a list of half-baked ideas that don’t really distinguish you from anyone else.

Sean D’Souza says people, countries and products tend to be known for only one thing — Arnie Schwarzenegger will always be known as the Terminator, for example. Actors complain that they’re being typecast, but that makes them more identifiable and probably brings them better-paying jobs.

So a good question to ask about your business is “how are we being typecast?” What if you’re not sure of the answer? D’Souza says if there is not a clear point of distinction in your company, create one. Think of the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower in Paris — these were created entities and now are probably the first things that come to mind when anyone thinks of those cities.

It’s not just your business that needs typecasting, you do to. Gill Kelly says everyone needs a personal brand. In other words, a brief description of what makes you unqiue and the value it provides to your employer. Just as uniqueness works to help your company stand-out, it can also help your career progress.

First published on CBS News

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