Month: January 2011

Top 40 Business Tips #2: Innovate

To be successful in business you need to innovate. Is that a bit harder in Australia, where there’s less hunger and too easy a lifestyle?

Top 40 Business Tips #3: Be an Inspiring Leader

Are you an inspiring boss, or are you just showing off. Take Ernest Shackleton – now there was a real leader of people.

Top 40 Business Tips #4: Make Your Customers Love You

Lots of companies say they have a focus on the customer, but do they really? And how do you make sure your customers have a love affair with your brand?

Top 40 Business Tips #5: Limit Risk

There are all sorts of risk for a business – technology, human error, crime or just a CEO who is out of control.

Top 40 Business Tips #6: Be Yourself

Are you different at work? Are you self-obsessed or riddled with stress? The answer is top look outwards, not inwards.

Top 40 Business Tips #7: Think Efficiently

Can you prioritise in a meaningful way? Part of the problem is, we are fighting against primeval instincts – like the one demanding status over all else.

Top 40 Business Tips #8: Recognise and Reward

Everyone craves some recognition at work – but its got to be meaningful and heartfelt.

Top 40 Business Tips #9: Network Extensively

These days a lot of business networking is done online. Do you do enough of it? And do you have a clear vision of your personal brand?

Revolutionary ideas 2: Budde, King, Malone

Telecommunications will change the way we live, with new behaviours and the merging of industries. And telcos, if they don’t change, could go the way of the dinosaurs.

Top 40 Business Tips #10: Research More

There’s an immense amount of research you can do before making any business decision. Without it, you are working blindfolded.

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