Top 40 Business Tips #25: Build the Passion


Have you ever complained that your staff just don’t seem to have enough passion for the business? A question to ask is, did they have that passion when they started? If the answer is “no” then you are employing the wrong people. If the answer is “yes”, but they’re not passionate now, then something in your business is killing that passion. It could be you, or some of your managers.

Charles Kovess says customers complain about service normally because the staff serving them are not passionate about the place they work. This is a big opportunity — it could be a chance to turn your business around.

Lucinda Barlow says trust and mutual cooperation are traits that seem to help Google maintain a passionate workforce. Plus they recognise the importance of keeping staff happy, with a few perks like massages and healthy meals.

There’s also the concept of Hot Spots — moments when innovation and excitement create exceptional results for a business. Lynda Gratton says Hot Spots can just happen, but also provides a few ways to stimulate their formation.

Finally, there’s the question of fitness. If you’re overweight you probably have less energy and motivation. It’s in the interest of every business to ensure that their staff are doing what they can to maintain and build their fitness.

First published on CBS News

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