Top 40 Business Tips #3: Be an Inspiring Leader


We’d all like to be seen as an inspiring boss, but many people get it all wrong. We confuse being inspiring with showing off. We associate it with bravado, expecting the workforce to be saying to themselves “if only we could be more like you?”

Of course, that’s not too inspiring leadership. If you want a real example look at Ernest Shackleton. His men survived more than 600 days in the Antarctic, travelling more than 800 miles across the ice. No-one perished, they all just mucked-in and got on with the job of survival.

Paul Kessler uses the Shackleton story to teach leadership skills to business leaders. He says teamwork was one of the key elements the explorer inspired. Ed Psaltis did the same thing 84 years later when he skippered his boat through the deadly storms of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. His crew were too busy doing what had to be done to concern themselves about the possibility of death.

Amanda Gore is a global speaker on leadership and group dynamics. She explains three key elements that will make you a great leader. As you’ll hear in the podcast it’s more about the team that it is about you. A lot of leaders get that wrong — they assume they just lead and everyone else will follow.

First published on CBS News

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