Month: February 2011

Even Floods Can’t Dampen Optimism

The cost of the Queensland floods could amount to as much as 3 percent of GDP. Despite this, CEOs around the country are still bullish about the future.

Not Enough Control at Borders

Sven Feldman says Borders grew too quickly and underestimated the impact that eBooks would have on the frequent reader.

Do the Banks Need a Great Big New Tax?

The Australian Bankers Association say the total asset base of the big four banks required to earn these profits is $1,170 billion and the return on these assets is less than 1 percent.

Optus out to stop NBN scope creep

The National Broadband Network Company’s attempt to backhaul all traffic to interconnect in seven state capitals was a huge example of scope creep. It took the firm well beyond the realm of offering last-mile access. Do we need to look out for more?

Employees on a Safe Path to Company Growth

Scott Blanchard says people can have positive intentions towards the company and the work they do, but only if they have a sense of well-being.

Ten Things that Will Change or Grow in 2011

Business futurist Morris Miselowski looks more short term than usual, to see consider 10 things that will change our lives this year.

When a Customer Won’t Pay

Colin Porter, CEO of Creditor Watch talks about a new online registry where you can report on bad-debtors and check out the credentials of potential new customers.

The Seven Danger Signs of a Troubled Business

About 10,000 Australian businesses each year appoint an external administrator. Don’t become another statistic.

Trust Business and Politicians? Yes We Can

Just over half of the Australians said they trusted government to do what is right. Is that enough?

Hackers Play Dirty with Lush Soaps

Lush soap had their website hacked. Mark Lewis says its almost certainly because it failed to meet the necessary compliance for the Payment Card industry.

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