Getting Everyone Working as One


Deloitte has been busy figuring out find how to get diverse teams to work more effectively together. Their “As One” study has identified eight key leadership attributes or archetypes, determined by the degree of direction setting and how this is applied — top down, or bottom up. Each archetype describes the relationship between a leader and the team.

For example, the “Captain & The Sports Team” archetype effectively delivers highly scripted, repeatable tasks. The team can work together with no apparent leader. Whereas a General & Soldiers pairing is built on strong roles and processes, with a clear hierarchical structure.

In this edition of BTalk Deloitte’s Gerhard Vorster, co-author of the the “As One” book, says a team needs to understand and share a collective behaviour if they are to commit to the same outcomes. The As One approach provides a way for leaders to evaluate what is seen as the current working relationship, and shift attitudes to an approach that will be more effective for the organisation.

First published on CBS News

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