Ten Things that Will Change or Grow in 2011


This year will be a year that takes the trends of the last few years and adds to them, only quicker than ever before. That’s the prediction from business futurist Morris Miselowski, who has broken away from the usual futurist habit of looking way into the future, to have a look at how the world will change this year.

In today’s BTalk he looks at ten things that will change our lives this year:

  • Hyper-personalisation
  • More social media
  • More working together
  • Mobile devices as personal assistants
  • Our mobile device will tell us more about what’s going on
  • More apps
  • Social business
  • Everything on the go
  • Pictures, worth a thousand words
  • More innovation than ever before

So it looks like another year playing with gadgets. I hope it’s all worthwhile!

First published on CBS News

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