Month: March 2011

The Challenge of Multichannel Retailing

Aussie consumers now see online as the primary source of pre-purchase information and are often turning up to stores as well informed on a product as the floor staff – if not more so.

NBN Bill passed, now for the loopholes

This week MPs stayed back from holiday to pass two NBN Bills, including amendments passed from the Senate. It says a lot, but misses out even more.

March 2011 Review

This is the first in a monthly wrap-up of BTalk podcasts and other items from BNET’s Aussie Rules blog.

Get Your CEO Certified

A CEO has to land in the new role with the confidence, skills and experience to run the shop. That’s a big ask.

We Want More Home Work

The latest Connected World report from Cisco shows that 3 out of 10 Australians believe the ability to work remotely is not just a privilege, it’s a right.

Experts are Wrong, Except by Chance

We rely on experts so much of the time, but what if they are wrong? Author and journalist David Freedman says experts, however well qualified, often don’t get things right.

Ten Facebook Marketing Essentials

More and more companies are seeing the advantage of using Facebook for marketing purposes. After all, how can you ignore a website that has more than half a billion users?

Making Voice Recognition Work

Stephen Lewis says a lot of damage was done by early implementations of voice recognition, but it’s a very different story today.

Fixing Our Public Leadership Deficit

Thomas Crampton says we are facing some of the biggest challenges and we are not attracting the minds we need in the public sector to resolve them.

NBN struggles to put the who in wholesale

The National Broadband Network Companies Bill is currently before the Senate, having passed through the Lower House earlier this month. This is the legislation that will determine what the NBN Co can and cannot do.

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