Another Small Step in to the Cloud


A simple plug-in for Microsoft Office could change how your business stores and interacts with documents. The Google Cloud Connect plug-in sits as a bar at the top of your World, Excel or Powerpoint document enabling you to sync the latest copy with a version stored in the cloud. So you, or someone else, can pick it up on another machine, update it or work on it together in real-time. Sure, the latest version of Office offers similar functionality but, like everything, Google seems to make it so easy.

For a small business this could be the final step towards doing away with that local area network (LAN). How often have you called out an IT specialist to help with network issues? It gets to be expensive. The cloud is presenting an opportunity to do away with the need for a LAN altogether —– simply connect all your computers to the internet and all your work can be stored online.

In this edition of BTalk I chat about the plug-in, and the cloud in general, with Anil Sabharwal, Google’s Head of Product Management for Apps in Australia and NZ.

First published on CBS News

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