The need for more air

Wireless spectrum is being fought over by mobile providers, TV networks, emergency services and a myriad of other users.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released the latest version of its five-year spectrum outlook and is calling on the industry for submissions to help manage the allocation of spectrum for future use by mobile providers and smart infrastructure.

So how much spectrum will we need? We know data-hungry laptops and iPads have placed greater demand on mobile networks; can we expect this trend to continue? What else can mobile providers do to ensure there’s equilibrium between supply and demand, other than, of course, putting the price up?

In this week’s Twisted Wire I discuss the future demands for wireless networks with:

  • Hugh Bradlow, chief technology officer at Telstra;
  • Shara Evans, Market Clarity CEO; and
  • Warren Chaisatien, strategic marketing manager at Ericsson

Bradlow suggests differentiated classes of service on mobile networks will be inevitable at some point. Tell us what you think — how soon is this likely to happen?

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