How to Score and Rate Your Leads


Many sales people consider the leads created by the marketing team to be a waste of time. “And often” says David Paddon, Director of Go To Market, “they’re right!”

This is because marketing people try a shotgun approach to lead generation. They are so focused on the quantity of leads they create that there’s not enough emphasis on quality. If they measured the RoIon obtaining these leads they might change their approach.

In today’s edition of BTalk David Paddon talks about how to use the B-A-N-T method to rate the quality of leads, and why it’s important to keep keep quality leads warm with regular contact.

A well-orchestrated plan will understand how to create the right leads and the steps taken to build a relationship. It means understanding how to track people along the sales cycle and ensure sales people are making contact at the right time.

Get that right, then perhaps sales and marketing can work together in a productive way. Wouldn’t that be nice!

First published on CBS News

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