Avoiding a Charlie Sheen Moment


Before he was overtaken by events in Japan, the world’s media seemed obsessed with Charlie Sheen. He opened a Twitter account and within 24 hours he had a million followers; now he’s up to 2.8 million which he’s using — as you’d expect — to sell merchandise and tickets to a speaking tour.

Perhaps he’s using the attention for short-term gain, but you’d have to wonder what it’s all doing to his long-term career. How will we make the money to fuel his lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and womanising?

Although his behaviour is extreme, there might be people displaying elements of Charlie Sheen’s character in your workplace. In this edition of BTalk Robyn Greenspan, editor in chief for ExecuNet, outlines four things to look out for:

  • Too much negativity
  • Star performers with too much confidence
  • One person with too much control
  • Letting under-performers get away with it

Read more about this in Robyn’s article in the Huffington Post.

Perhaps the other one we didn’t talk about — the elephant in the room — is “don’t ignore an addict in your business”. I’ve seen that happen more than once.

First published on CBS News

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