How to Herd Your Creative Monkeys


An IBM survey of CEOs recently ranked creativity as the number one attribute needed to lead the market in the new economy.

That’s bad news for a lot of businesses who might not frown on creativity, but just need to know how to do it.

The answer, of course, is to have creative people, or to re-energise the creativity in people who have had the skill taught out of them. Nigel Collin says it’s all about giving people the permission to be creative.

“As a leader it’s very important to instil that culture and behaviour,” he says in this edition of BTalk. Nigel has just launched his latest book Herding Monkeys — How to Lead the Creative Talents of Your People and Turn Their Ideas into Commercial Results.

The book covers the three elements needed to ensure your business is creative — it gets down to leadership, culture and process. We talk through each of these in today’s program.

First published on CBS News

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