Fixing Our Public Leadership Deficit


Are there any politicians you truly admire these days? Do you feel that some of the big issues that need to be addressed are hopelessly lost in politics without adequate outcome?

NSW goes to the polls this week with the choice between one of the most unpopular Labor governments ever, and an opposition with policies that feel like they’ve been dreamt up on the fly.

It’s not just an Australian phenomenon. Around the world we seem to be missing out on top talent in the public sector, not just at the political level but across the public service.

Thomas Crampton, the Asia Pacific Director of Ogilvy’s 360 Digitial Influence Team, says the world has a leadership deficit. We are facing some of the biggest challenges and bad decisions can have a massive impact — yet we are not attracting the minds we need in the public sector to resolve these issues.

In today’s BTalk we discuss why this deficit exists and what we can all do to help correct it, and secure better leadership and better outcomes for us all.

Read more on this in Thomas Crampton’s blog entry here.

First published on CBS News

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