Ten Facebook Marketing Essentials


More and more companies are seeing the advantage of using Facebook for marketing purposes. After all, how can you ignore a website that has more than half a billion users?

The starting point for money companies is to set up a fan page. Here you can post updates and gain followers. It’s a mistake though to assume that people will repeatedly come back to your fan page. Instead, it’s the content of your posts that will appear in each follower’s stream that counts.

Victor Pineiro, a strategist for digital agency Big Spaceship, recently blogged about 10 things to consider when creating this content. He goes through each of these in today’s BTalk podcast:

  • Study behaviour
  • Find your voice
  • Be short and sweet
  • Don’t be schizophrenic
  • Don’t ask too much
  • Use pictures
  • Write a calendar of activity
  • Give away lots
  • Develop a feedback mechanism
  • Measure the right things

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