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 A CEO has to land in the new role with the confidence, skills and experience to run the shop. That’s a big ask, of course, because someone new to the role may well be expert in certain areas without the generalist experience you need to look after all aspects of the business.

There’s also the tendency for CEOs to have a short term focus. They can spend too long working on the immediate needs of the business and the demands of today’s shareholders, with little concern for the future sustainability of the operaration.

How can we expect CEOs to learn, grow and change? There’s very little formal training out there for someone stepping in to this important role. That’s why the CEO Institute has partnered with Mt Eliza Executive Education to create a Certified CEO Program to help raise the bar and widen the pond of capable business leaders.

In this edition of BTalk I talk to Esmal Alfred, the program director for this new course. Interested in signing up? Read more about the program here.

First published on CBS News

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