We Want More Home Work


The latest Connected World report from Cisco shows that 3 out of 10 Australians believe the ability to work remotely is not just a privilege, it’s a right.

You can imagine with faster internet speeds and more online productivity applications available, that figure will increase rapidly over the next few years.

In today’s BTalk, Fernanda Afonso, chair of the College of Organisational Psychologists, says it’s important that employers recognise this demand for flexibility and provide choice. By tapping in to people’s biorhythms, they will work where and when they are happiest and most productive. In fact, the Cisco report showed that almost three quarters of Aussie workers surveyed would sacrifice salary for a more balanced lifestyle.

A concern is how you manage a workforce that is located all over the place. “Not a problem” says Jacob Murray-White, who heads up Salmat@Home. He runs virtual call centres, with all the call agents working from home and uses conferencing tools to keep people involved and trained.

You’d have to assume that this approach will become more common across a broader range of job functions. For a start, it’s far more productive. The Cisco report claims that 40 percent of those who work remotely increase their work time by 2 to 3 hours per day. That’s the sort of gain it’s hard for a business to ignore.

First published on CBS News

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