March 2011 Review


This is the first in a monthly wrap-up of BTalk podcasts and other items from BNET’s Aussie Rules blog.

March 2011 was a month where climate change featured heavily, when we questioned whether the time was right for a carbon tax or whether, as Ian Dunlop asked, it’s something we simply can’t delay. There was also a little analysis to see whether it influenced the recent NSW state election result — probably not was our conclusion.

There had been reports early in the month that China’s latest five year plan set high carbon reduction targets. Is this a concern for Australia who is a key supplier for the country’s coal supply? Not really, said China expert Vic Edwards. He reckons they’ll try and keep their cities cleaner by moving their dirty industries out into the country. Good news for Australia, but perhaps bad news for the planet.

The big problem with forming a position on climate change is who to believe. That decision got even harder after David Freedman came on to BTalk to suggest that experts in any field are generally wrong. He said even highly qualified scientists tend to be wrong on things most of the time.

We don’t think Genevieve Healy is wrong when she says we need to spend more time standing up. Too much of our day is spent engaged in sedentary behaviour, but the good news is even breaking up long period sof sitting down with short periods on our feet can have a big impact on the risk of coronary disease.

The most popular story of the month might have something to do with the title. In “Forward This On, It’s Awesome” researcher Katherine Milkman explained how stories that are awe inspiring tend to get passed on more often. So what’s awe inspiring? You’ll just have to listen in to find out!

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