Month: April 2011

Getting More Out of LinkedIn

Cliff Rosenberg says you should proactively seek connections whilst users tell us how they use the site to their advantage.

Start-up Funding: Equity or Debt?

When starting a company and seeking cash you have two options — seek investors who will want a slice of the business, or go to a bank and get a loan.

The True Cost of Global Roaming

While mobile carriers offer great deals for calls within your own country, they charge astronomical amounts for phone calls and data downloads when you head overseas. Why? Because they can.

Where did the NBN go wrong?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is already hitting roadblocks. There’s a chance it could all derail. So when did it start to unravel?

Your Camera Never Lies

Futurist and broadcaster Ken Rutkowski says people are giving out more information about themselves through social media than they could possibly imagine.

Living on the edge (of the network)

With faster access speeds will datacentres move closer to the edge of the network? If so, has the National Broadband Network Company factored this into its design?

Is Obesity Smothering Productivity?

David Freedman says tackling obesity should start in the office. The payback will come in the form of increased productivity and higher staff morale. =And longer life!

Winning at the Export Game

Anthony Moss from Incite Management Group has a wealth of experience in export management. He explains what you need to be aware of, as well as selling the benefits of getting your product out into international markets.

It’s All in the Attitude

What is it that drives your business? Justin Herald believes it’s all about attitude.

How to Sabotage Your Business

Do you run your business based on passion? Do you believe that, however tough things get, you can always pull through with hard work and dedication?

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