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Telstra’s latest Productivity Indicator report shows that 76 percent of large Aussie businesses see productivity improvements as a priority.

As in previous surveys they also found a big gap between expectation and reality; so why are so many companies struggling to make strides in the right direction?

To answer that question, Telstra looked at the traits of those that have succeeded. These Productivity Leaders are, as you might expect, regular investors in technology. But they are also more focused on customer communications, process improvements and employee engagement.

According to the Telstra study 74 percent of Productivity Leaders believe investment in technology will reap productivity improvements within 12 months, compared to just 33 percent of others surveyed.

In this episode of BTalk, I catch up with Anthony de Jong, Executive Director at Strategy, to see what barriers are stopping more companies from using more technology to drive productivity growth.

First published on CBS News

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