Content is the Productivity King


Implementing an enterprise content management system might not seem like the most exciting project your company could engage in, but it could be the most beneficial.

We are all acquiring and generating more and more information, from documents and customer records through to emails, social media interactions and multimedia content. How can you ever hope to lay your hands on the right information if this data isn’t stored and retrievable in a coherent fashion?

A report co-sponsored by AIIM and Open Text claims that the productivity of professional staff could be improved by 30 percent if they could find internal information as easily as they find things on the web. A similar productivity improvement would also be realised with customer facing staff.

In today’s BTalk I discuss the concept of enterprise content management with Doug Miles, Director of the AIIM Market Intelligence Division (and author of Capitalizing on Content: A Compelling ROI for Change), and James Latham is the Chief Marketing Officer at Open Text.

I suggest it all sounds rather expensive — does that mean it is an approach that’s only really suitable for very large organisations?

First published on CBS News

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