Switch Off Your Online Behaviour


Are you aware of just how much web advertising you see is driven by what you’ve been doing online?

Years ago many of us were up in arms that, with the launch of G-mail, Google would rifle through the content of our email to serve ads based on what we’d be reading and writing. But that’s fair game, the email service was free and it was contained within the application.

Now, though, information about your online behaviour is being shared between publishers and advertisers. For most people, that’s fair game, but for others it’s seen as an invasion of privacy.

In this edition of BTalk I ask Paul Fisher from the Australian Digital Advertising Alliance how many people are aware that this information-sharing is going on. He says many don’t, which is why they have launched http://www.youronlinechoices.com.au to educate people about what goes on — there’s also an on/off switch where you can control behavioural tracking on your browser.

First published on CBS News

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