Is Obesity Smothering Productivity?


Practically one in three males in their mid-forties in Australia, New Zealand and America is obese.

That’s something to think about as you sit at your desk giving a workout to nothing but your fingers and your eyeballs.

Science journalist David Freedman says the only surprising thing about that statistic is that it’s not even higher, given most of us lead sedentary lives and eat too much of the wrong sort of food.

So who’s to blame? It does seem once you hit forty you are either fat or fit. Many of those who head to the gym at first light, pound the pavements at lunchtime and take brisk walks at dusk are quick to say it’s all about personal responsibility. But is it as simple as saying a third of us are just plain lazy?

Freedman says it is society’s problem and we all need to be involved in trying to fix it. The office is a good place to start — we spend so much time there. The payback will come in the form of increased productivity and higher staff morale. There’s a spin-off benefit that you’ll probably live longer.

First published on CBS News

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