Month: May 2011

Five Things to Change in Your Culture

Every business needs to evolve. Even if you think your culture is the best it could possibly be, there is always room for improvement.

An Agile Approach to Project Management

Give a project manager a set of requirements and you’ll end up with what you asked for, hopefully on-time and on-budget. Try and change the specifications mid-way through and you’ll probably be told it’s just not possible.

A Low Score for Gillard’s Teacher Bonus

Just ahead of the federal budget, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced performance bonuses of between $5,400 and $8,100 for one in 10 teachers.

Labor’s Poor Sell On Carbon Tax

Alan Moran, director of the deregulation unit at the Institute of Public Affairs, came across a Labor strategy paper on the carbon tax.

Don’t Give Money, Give Time

We should all give whatever we can afford to help charities do their good work, but a better contribution is to offer your expertise.

Goals from Your Deathbed

Your anticipated deathbed soliloquy should say a lot about your goals in life. Think of what it is, and get started on meeting your own expectations.

Waiting for the video explosion

A new report shows that real-time video accounts for almost half of North American peak-time downloads. So why isn’t it happening here?

Ten Common Writing Mistakes

Valerie Khoo talks through nine common writing mistakes. I’ve added another to round it up to ten.

Recruitment and the Law

I talk to lawyer Peter Townsend from Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers about what you should be wary of as you navigate through the recruitment process. Just how far can you, or should you, gild the lily?

Putting a Plug in Agricultural Emissions

Almost a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the agricultural sector, taking into account agriculture itself and the impact of deforestation.

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