April 2011 in Review


There were some interesting questions raised on BTalk in April.

Rachel Botsman asked whether, in the near future, we will borrow as much as we buy. Could companies that produce goods, switch to become service companies?

Carla Ferraro challenged Aussie retailers to become greener — not for altruistic reasons, simply because it’s good for the brand. People like to buy from companies that care for the environment.

Mark Bouris gave us his five tips for success, including employing people who are proprietors. They’ll have your interests at heart, but having too many free thinkers can lead too a mutiny.

Anthony Moss said Aussie companies will benefit from the experience of exporting. It can add to the lifetime of your product. And a good place to start, he suggests, is New Zealand.

A group of regular LinkedIn users share their tips for getting more out of the business networking site.

Finally, in this summary podcast you’ll hear from David Freedman, who says business has had a big part to play in the obesity epidemic. Now it needs to help fix the problem.

First published on CBS News

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