Learnings From Mandela’s Protector


What can we learn about human nature from a man whose career has taken him from nightclub bouncer in Alice Springs to training a team of bodyguards for Nelson Mandela?

Rob Redendbach, author of Waveman — From Backstreets to Baghdad and Beyond, draws on this experience to teach streetwise leadership to Aussie business people.

He says, just like effective security, leadership relies on foreseeing problems before they occur. Many business people do not spend enough time on this, preferring instead to wait and fight fires. What’s more, when things do go wrong, too much time is spent playing the blame game rather than focusing on the solution.

On today’s BTalk, Rod talks about ways to avoid conflict in the workplace and how to cope when things don’t go according to plan, as well as telling us about his colourful worklife in the security industry.

First published on CBS News

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