Five Things to Change in Your Culture


Every business needs to evolve. Even if you think your culture is the best it could possibly be, there is always room for improvement.

In many companies though, the atmosphere is far from perfect; there are people working in silos, playing the blame game or avoiding discussion on critical issues.

Assuming that every business could do with improving its corporate culture, I got in touch with Di Worrall, author of Creating a Climate for Change. She says ignoring weaknesses in the way your business operates can have profound effects, sooner or later.

In this edition of BTalk she talks us through five things you probably need to change to avoid the inevitable consequences of a dysfunctional work culture:

  1. Change Your Conversation
  2. Build Your Accountability Muscles
  3. Break Down a Silo
  4. Coach Instead of Command
  5. Test Your Trust Quotient

First published on CBS News

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