Month: June 2011

Protect, Perish or Prosper?

The world is getting smaller. We need to embrace it, but the question is, do we need to protect ourselves from it too?

The Public Sector Job Rollercoaster

There’s a tendency to think of the public sector as bloated, bureaucratic and ever-expanding. The truth is, it seems, very different.

Telstra signs its lines away

In this week’s Twisted Wire, we delve more into the deal between the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) and Telstra. It’s been welcomed by everyone, it seems, except Telstra shareholders.

A Security Breach is Only a Matter of Time

It seems the more technology lurches forward, the more we need to be concerned about security.

Getting More Out of the Retail Channel

We still buy the vast majority of our goods through retail stores. So, important though it is to have an effective online strategy, what you do in-store is key.

An Unselfish Business

Businesses cannot continue to focus on the profit motive alone. These days that sort of dogged determinism will come back to bite them.

Inequality is Bad for the Rich

Richard Wilkinson says a wide income gap is bad news for society — it increases crime, health and education, which affects everyone, even the rich.

NBN demands health restructure

You can do all you want with communications technology, but the telemedicine benefits won’t be realised without a fundamental rethink about how we structure our healthcare industry.

Work in 2020

Morris Miselowski reckons, by 2020, a far stronger chance you will be working for yourself, consulting to other businesses, as organisations shift to a task-focus.

ETS Needs More Room for Reductions

Richard Denniss believes we do need to put a price on carbon, but he doubts a simple emissions trading scheme is the way to go about it.

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