Five Software Short-cuts


When it comes to computer software, do you do things the same way you have for years?

When new software comes out do you ignore all the new functions and just stick to what you know? Have you ever considered reading the help section to see if there’s a quicker way of doing things?

Productivity guru Debbie Mayo-Smith reckons we waste as much as two weeks a year on repetitive tasks that could be performed quicker by the software we already use. If you work for yourself that could mean longer holidays or more business — take your pick!

In this episode of BTalk she talks us through some shortcuts and productivity tips using common office applications:

  • use your inbox secretary
  • drag and drop more
  • make more use of signatures
  • create tasks
  • use keyboard shortcuts

Some of this might seem obvious — but I reckon you’ll pick up something new. I did!

First published on CBS News

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