A Security Breach is Only a Matter of Time


It seems the more technology lurches forward, the more we need to be concerned about security.

We’ve got so many devices these days, increasingly accessing stuff we store in the cloud. Just how safe can that really be?

And we keep hearing of massive data leaks and hack attacks — like the one that took the Sony Playstation network offline earlier this year. And more and more of us are being told by embarrassed companies that are credit card details have been accessed by someone hacking in to their networks.

Technology journalist Stilgherrian warns that, unless you are diligent about how you protect your vital information, a security breach is only a matter of time. He suggests some simple steps you can take in this edition of BTalk, and warns that it’s not just your PC you need to protect. Your smart phone and Mac computer is no longer exempt from a hack attack.

First published on CBS News

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