Month: July 2011

The US Debt Is Their Problem, Not Ours

The US can take a temporary sigh of relief with a deal struck to raise the debt ceiling, but debt is still an issue. Here in Australia, debt is the least of our worries, but we still keep talking about it.

Hot in the Air and Under the Collar

The common denial of climate change and the dominance of the Murdoch press in Australia – could these two factors be related, do you think?

Putting Up With Cantankerous Creativity

Research has confirmed that the more creative you are, the more disagreeable you are likely to be.

Optus launches its femtocell future

Today Optus launches a new home-based femtocell product for mobile users. The aim is clearly to lure more users away from home phones on competing networks.

Four Issues for Home Workers

What are the top four challenges faced by home businesses? Servcorp asked 176 business owners.

Pop Up Meetings

Despite the internet business meetings will always be around. But we’ll also wsee the rise of short-term impromptu events, where like-minded people get together to fix an issue or share some thoughts.

The US Debt Crisis Explained

The US has the highest level of debt in the world, but the problem is one of internal controls not a shortage of lenders.

Media: Is it too Late for Self Regulation?

The News International Scandal has ignited questions about media controls in Australia. What started as a question of ethics and invasions of privacy, seems to have turned to a question of power.

Management Lessons from the Dalai Lama

A key management lesson from Hisd Holiness – don’t look externally for happiness. It starts with a calm and peaceful mind

Eight Ingredients of Change

With a changing economy and rapidly emerging technologies, change is an essential ingredient of business. But we are all creatures of habit.

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