Apple’s cloudy thinking

This week we look at Apple’s iCloud, as well as ask whether the government’s digital economy strategy is a clear vision or whether it, too, is a little cloudy.

Steve Jobs launched the iCloud this week during a keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC. Mark Little, senior analyst at Ovum, describes the new offering as more of a “transitory cloud”, because it’s about using the cloud to sync up devices more than storing things on a “hard disk in the sky”.

So, has Apple done it again? The Brand Z index already has Apple as the most popular brand in the world. I ask Martin Attwood from research agency Millward Brown whether this ranking means Apple could soon be bigger than Microsoft.

Also this week, I delve into the government’s new National Digital Economy Strategy (PDF). Guy Cranswick from IBRS complains that the document is lacking detail and quantifiable objectives. Abul Rizvi, deputy secretary at the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, says we can expect some more specific targets down the track.

First published on ZDNet

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