Who’s Listening to Your Phone Messages?


The News of the World, the UK’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper, published it’s last edition at the weekend, brought down by allegations of phone hacking.

Journalists allegedly listened into the voicemails of victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks, relatives of deceased British soldiers, and the mailbox of murder victim Milly Dowler. 

Mobile phone security expert David Rogers says hacking into phone messages is relatively easy to do, especially if you haven’t set a PIN to access your account. It’s also possible to spoof your number and fool your message service into thinking it’s you calling up.

He talks about how phone companies and users need to change their attitudes to voicemail security to stop this sort of thing from going on. You might not be hacked by Murdoch journalists ever again (well, you never know), but what about competitors out to do a bit of industrial espionage?

Now might be the time to figure out how to apply a PIN to your message service, even for calls you make direct from your handset. It probably means 45 minutes sitting on the phone for waiting for your service provider, but it might be worth the wait. Perhaps you can help others by leaving a message below on how to do it!

First published on CBS News

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