Eight Ingredients of Change


With a changing economy and rapidly emerging technologies, change is an essential ingredient of business.

It always has been, of course, but perhaps these days you need to consider it as part of an ongoing process, rather than a periodic evaluation.

Change isn’t easy, we’re creatures of habit, but Dom Del Borrello has written a checklist to work through when you are driving change in a business. Dom is the Client Services Director at Vantage Performance — he developed this list for their Business Strategy Blog:

  1. One-on-one discussions
  2. Ask for small things, rather than big things
  3. Make allies
  4. Don’t just use facts, use stories
  5. Use counterexamples
  6. Make sure your arguments are strong
  7. Don’t use the expression, “I disagree because….”
  8. If you are in a minority, you are likely to win the argument only when you are seen as a central member of the group, are consistent and couch your position as the default or normative position of the group.

He explains each of these points in more detail in this edition of BTalk.

First published on CBS News 

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