Month: August 2011

The NBN’s multi-multi-cast approach

The wasted overhead of multiple retailers multi-casting the exact same streams is one of Simon Hackett’s concerns about the National Broadband Network Company’s proposed multi-cast product.

Performance Appraisal Cynicism

More pay for hitting objectives can turn to cynicism when employees realise that the goals are unlikely to be achieved because they don’t have the resources to meet them.

A Climate of Confusion

Its easy to pick the data to support your stance on climate chance. For a start, just pick the timescale that suits your answer.

New Downturn or New Equilibrium?

There’s concern that the world is hitting for another downturn that we can’t escape. Or is this part of a structural shift?

Councils Left Out of Population Debate

Should there be a link between taxation and population – so a local council can offer lower tax to residents in exchange for a bigger population base.

The Tampa & Howard’s Race Card Election

The Tampa incident was a dark piece of Australian political history — the question is, has much really changed?

M2M: the mobile saviour?

This week on Twisted Wire, we look at M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, and ask whether it’s the next big opportunity for mobile network operators.

Is Australia Still Home For Qantas?

Qantas plans to tap into growth in Asia by forming a partnership with a regional airline. Will it still call Australia home?

Always Plan As You Go

Tim Berry says it is important to plan as you go. You still need to develop a plan, but realise that plan will change on the go.

A Legal Guide to Dying

Paul Brennan tackles the grave questions around the writing and reading of a will. At the very least, here’s a chance to get your relatives to listen to you.

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