How to Sell Badly – by Julia Gillard


The Aussie Prime Minister is obviously a great behind-the-scenes negotiator — but when it comes to selling a concept it’d be hard to do a worse job.

Putting politics aside, I think most people agree there is an issue with how the carbon tax message is being sold. Or any key policy initiatives for that matter. It’s a far cry from the likes of Howard, Keating or Tony Blair. Even George W Bush did a better job.

To analyse what Gillard is doing wrong I called on Elliot Epstein, CEO of Salient Communication. Elliot is an executive trainer who has coached many business leaders and politicians — I ask him if he can identify the mistakes she’s making.

What can sales people learn from our Prime Minister? Is it as simple as whatever she does, and do the opposite?

First published on CBS News 

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