Google Plus, Inside and Out


Google+, the new social networking site from Google, already has a few million users, even though it’s not been officially launched yet. So, what is it?

It’s been invitation only, so far, but those inside the not-so-exclusive club have been able to invite their friends, who then invite their friends. It makes you wonder whether they’ll ever need an official launch!

Technology journalist Paul Wallbank (author of eBusiness, seven steps to online success) uses both, but still prefers Facebook. He says Google+ probably needs more games and plug-ins to get the same traction as Facebook. What he does like is the ability to create circles of friends, a neat way of splitting your associates into a number of different categories.

Stilgherrian also joins us in this (800th!) episode of BTalk. He is a tech journalist who manages to live life without Facebook. His concern has been around how he sees Facebook flaunting your privacy. Is Google+ any better?

We talk about what Google+ offers, why Google has found it necessary to step into social media, what it means for Facebook, and which site you should use for business.

First published on CBS News 

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