Stay Home and Be Counted


Australia holds its once-every-five-years census on Tuesday night (9th August). Why, exactly?

You don’t actually have to stay home to complete it, but we are all asked to fill it in and say where we were that night, so we have an accurate snapshot of Australia down to the levels of census collection districts — there are about 38,000 of them in the country.

The information is very useful for business, but we’ll have to wait till the middle of next year to see the results. In the meantime you can access the wealth of data from the last census by registering for CData Online at the ABS website.

In this edition of BTalk I talk to ABS spokesperson David McHugh about what, if anything, is different this time round. You’ll also hear from Lara Wilde; her business, Local Intelligence, uses census data to provide profiles to assist individuals and businesses considering relocation to communities in rural and regional Australia.

First published on CBS News

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