The Cost of Satisfaction


In this edition of BTalk, Megan Burns explains how the Forrester Customer Experience Index puts some hard numbers around the cost of poor service.

One of the problems with many businesses is that they treat customer service as nothing more than a cost — so if something can be done cheaper, they’ll do it — even if it compromises the experience for the customer.

The Forrester Customer Experience Index (CxPi) helps to measure the impact of poor levels of service. It shows there is a strong correlation between the CxPi score and the willingness of a customer making a repeat purchase or recommending the company or brand to someone else. Good customer service, therefore, wins new business, as well as reduces the likelihood of churn.

I wonder how many businesses really consider these factors when they consider cost-cutting in the service areas of their business. Conversely, it seems there’s a big opportunity to consider new business as a rationale for increasing the level of your customer support.

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