10 Ways To Improve Your On-Site Search


People are increasingly using search within a site to find content or products they are looking for. In many cases users turn to search straight away, rather than work their way through the static menu navigation. 

With more people accessing sites on small-screen mobile devices, we can expect this trend to accelerate.

Mark Brixton, country manager for SLI Systems, says on-site search can account for 30 to 40 percent of a website’s revenues. It improves customer experience and reduces the likelihood of someone leaving your site to look for the same product elsewhere.

In this edition of BTalk he takes us through 10 things you need to do to keep your on-site search performing well:

  • Continually review your top search terms
  • Search all content on your site
  • Add an ‘auto complete’ function to your search box
  • Ask your visitors for their feedback
  • Show a breadcrumb trail
  • Make sure you have a mobile version of your search results
  • Use visitor behaviour to improve your search results
  • Make sure your site search results reflect your audience
  • Get rid of no results
  • Create landing pages for your most popular search items

You’ll find heaps more advice in the Big Book of Site Search Tips, available free from the SLI Systems website.

First published on CBS News

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