Lie Detection for Beginners


In business — or in our everyday life — it would be useful to know when someone is lying. We can often spot when someone is not telling the truth, but Dr David Craig says we can significantly improve the accuracy of detection with a little training.

He has 20 years experience in criminology, with a lot of that time looking at deception detection. His work is covered in a new book Lie Catcher: Become a Human Lie Detector in Under 60 Minutes. The book includes a five-step lie detection process that we go through in this edition of BTalk. David Craig calls it his MAGIC detection process:

  • Motivation. Does the person have a motivation to lie?
  • Ask control questions. To establish a behavioural baseline.
  • Guilt questions. Ask guilt questions.
  • Indicators. Are there lying indicators in clue clusters?
  • Check again. Re-examine.

The book is filled with photographs to help you understand visual clues, such as looking away, rubbing eyes or covering your mouth with your hands.

First published on CBS News

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