Month: August 2011

Crime and Punishment: Deterrents Work

The UK PrimeMinister, David Cameron, has asked for harsher sentences to fight crime — if Australia is anything to go by, he might have a point.

Keeping Travel in Check

Mike Eberhard, executive vice-president for Concur, says that whilst payroll is a known expense, travel can be harder to track.

China’s Youth Wise on Card Use

Young people in China have adopted the West’s fixation with payment cards — China Union Pay has overtaken Visa as the world’s biggest issuer of cards — but they are far more cautious in their approach.

Lie Detection for Beginners

In business — or in our everyday life — it would be useful to know when someone is lying. We can often spot when someone is not telling the truth, but Dr David Craig says we can significantly improve the accuracy of detection with a little training.

A very social riot

It’s now known that BlackBerry Messenger was used extensively to spread the word on the UK riots. Does that mean that authorities should be able to shut down networks used to incite civil unrest?

The Next Convergence

Michael Spence explores the growth of developed nations, the opportunities through technology and the influence of climate change.

Recruitment 2.0

Peter Noblet from Hays talks about how to involve social networking in the recruitment process — and answers that ethical question, should recruiters snoop on applicants’ Facebook pages?

An Honest Plan For Mobile Phone Companies

When you buy a mobile plan, phone companies have a figure in mind. They know how much they want you to pay to recoup their costs and make a margin, so why don’t they just come out and say it?

Talking a Load of BI

Donald Farmer says the use of business intelligence is changing. More exploratory techniques mean any data is the start of a journey of business discovery.

10 Ways To Improve Your On-Site Search

Mark Brixton, country manager for SLI Systems, says on-site search can account for 30 to 40 percent of a website’s revenues.

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