Month: August 2011

The Cost of Satisfaction

Megan Burns explains how the Forrester Customer Experience Index puts some hard numbers around the cost of poor service.

The Turnbull Broadband Network

On this week’s Twisted Wire Malcolm Turnbull expands on his plans for broadband development under a coalition government.

The Carbon Cost on Heavy Polluters

What’s the real cost of the carbon tax on Australia’s heavy polluters? Drew Fryer from MSCI shows that, some might actually come out ahead.

What Australia Can Learn From Tottenham

There is something startlingly predictable about last weekend’s riots in the UK. The only surprise is that they didn’t happen sooner.

The Cost of Free Trade

Steve Keen argues that the theory of free trade benefits makes great assumptions on the mobility of capital and labour.

Stay Home and Be Counted

How Lara Wilde uses census data to provide profiles to assist individuals and businesses considering relocation to communities in rural and regional Australia.

Paying for Time Out with the Kids

In the first year back at work, a new mum can expect to earn 4 percent less per hour than if she had not had a child.

Google Plus, Inside and Out

Google+, the new social networking site from Google, already has a few million users, even though it’s not been officially launched yet. So, what is it?

The battle for mobile dominance

Will Google and Apple dominate the mobile phone space from now on, or can Microsoft muscle in? And what about handset manufacturers?

Carbon Tax: All Stick, Not Enough Carrots

Dylan Byrne from accounting firm BDO says the government hasn’t given enough consideration to the vast majority of businesses that will be hurt most by the Carbon Tax.

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