Month: September 2011

Apple Loses A Rock Star

Ill health has forced Steve Jobs to step down from his CEO role at Apple. The risk is as big as a rock band losing its star lead singer — a bad next album and the party is over.

NBN Co’s Mike Quigley unplugged

Two years into the job as head of NBN Co, Twisted Wire spends half an hour with Mike Quigley to talk about his role and the progress of the nation’s biggest ever infrastructure project.

Speed Thinking for Beginners

Ken Hudson says if you accelerate the speed of your thinking you can solve problems in a new and energised way.

Who Is Keeping the Dream Alive?

Who would you most like to work for? In Aus/NZ’s latest Dream Employers Survey Google, once again, topped the list. But there have been moves in other top positions.

Is the Soul Being Taken Out of Shopping?

The chances are a big chunk of your weekly shopping is done in a major indoor shopping mall. It’s an Australian phenomenon that is starting to spread around the world.

The Wayne Swan Report Card

When Euromoney picked Wayne Swan as their Finance Minister of the year it was greeted with disbelief from many. So, why do Aussies claim he is not worthy?

No Mickey Mouse Operation

Lee Cockerell spent 10 years as Executive Vice President for the Walt Disney World Resort — he tells us how he kept the magic alive in this edition of BTalk.

The Wonderful World of iPros

Research shows that independent consultants generally have a better life. Perhaps it’s time to go it alone.

A Case for a Higher GST Rate

Australia’s consumption tax (GST) has been set at 10 percent since it was introduced by the Howard government on 1 July 2000. Time for a change?

Performance Measurement, Not Appraisal

People don’t always trust performance appraisals. Hardly surprising when they’re often done so badly. Leon Noone suggests a better approach.

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