Over-qualified and over-the-hill


It’s a common scenario. You are out of work and hunting for a new job, but keep getting told that you are overqualified for the jobs you go after.

Kelly Magowan, a director of Six Figures, says it might not make sense, but recruiters are employed to find people who match the profile for a job. People who are too experienced, she says, are a high risk candidate. The big fear is that they will move on when a better job comes along.

I wonder whether that’s the real reason, or is it because managers are worried about employing someone who knows more than they do? And if it’s a fear of the person moving on, why not take advantage of their knowledge in the meantime and develop a career path within the company that can see them returning to something more akin to their status and experience.

Kelly provides some advice for people who have heard the “overqualified” argument one too many times. It means you can’t follow the traditional channels to recruitment.

In my mind, there is no legitimate excuse for turning someone down because they are overqualified. In fact, I’d suggest nine times out of ten it amounts to ageism. What do you think?

First published on CBS News

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