The Cyber Criminal’s Starter Kit


Cyber criminals are getting smarter and their numbers are growing. So how do you protect your business from attack?

In this edition of BTalk, Patrik Runald (Senior Manager, Security Research at Websense Security Labs) describes how cyber criminals are now able to buy mass-marketed exploit kits over the Internet. That means when a software provider releases a patch, very often hackers will see what the patch tries to fix and sell their own software to exploit that vulnerability.

The rise in exploit kits means many more people can become cyber criminals in, what Patriuck describes as the wild, wild west.

The big question is, will we ever be beaten by it? If there are 70-90,000 new malicious files every day, and the size of the issue is growing, will we reach a point where we just can’t cope? Although security software is a big help, what else do we need to do to stem the tide?

First published on CBS News

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